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Faulty devices in your home can be dangerous. Get the peace of mind you deserve

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

The electrical system in your home is often overlooked. Mechanical equipment breaks down over time and becomes hazardous. We have personally seen electrical fires starting from faulty equipment. Do not wait until it is too late. Whether its the plugs and switches or the electrical panel. Get an inspection done and if needed then upgrade today and get the peace of mind you deserve! Not only will Replacing the electrical panel, outlets and switches in your home make it look and feel nicer, it is also a safety precaution. These switches and outlets in this home(in the picture) was broken down and one was failing and also causing arcing to happen. This is a dangerous fire hazard in your home. In the last picture you can see that the devices in this house was wired wrong. Not attaching the ground wire to the outlets properly can be dangerous when using modern appliances. If you want to do some preventative maintenance and improve the look of your home then contact us today!!


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