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Is your electrician credible?

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Choosing the right electrical contractor can be difficult. Finding the perfect contractor might be difficult but there are ways to weed out the really bad ones.

First off does your contractor have WCB insurance? This is vital because if they do not and they get injured doing work on your property then you are liable for their injury. Make sure your contractor is covered by WCB. You start by asking if they are a sole proprietor or a corporation. sole proprietors often have trouble getting approved for WCB. You can also outright ask for proof of WCB.

Secondly are they insured and bonded? The most experienced electrician in Edmonton can still make mistakes. This protects you from anything unexpected and from any damages that might happen as a result.

Thirdly do they have a contractors license? By law the contractor entering into your home must have a pre-paid contractors license. This protects both parties and give both ends peace of mind that they won't be taken advantage off. This helps to know the cost of the project. The license agreement takes into account the quote or estimate given for your project and helps eliminate hidden costs. A contractor that gives you a significantly lower price on a quote may realize they are not making a profit and charge more at the end of a job. This helps eliminate shady contractors. A lot of contractors out there do not have this.

Fourthly ensure the person sent from the company is an electrician who knows this type of electrical work. Sometimes companies will hire electricians from a different industry and are not trained properly to do the type of work you require. This can cause unwanted problems.

Fifthly does the labour and materials have warranty? Professional companies want you to be completely satisfied with their service. Whether or not they have warranty on the work done and material will reflect this.

Last but not least does the contractor have a criminal record check? The safety of your family and property is important. Make sure to protect yourself, your family and your property and/or business. Ask the Electrical contractor this question before the electrician enters your home.

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