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Reasons why your lights could be flickering

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Flickering lights is not only annoying but can be a result of a failure in the electrical system. This is a common issue and the cause could be a variety of reason. I hope this helps you identify your problem and remember if it does not seem like a simple fix then call an electrical contractor in Edmonton to help you out.

First off try changing the bulb. The bulb could be nearing the end of its life or defective and simply just needs to be changed.

Secondly there could be a loose connection in the circuit. Depending on how old your house is and how its wired there is a couple different ways to check for this. If the house is older or you have a lamp that flickering then start by checking the plugs in the area with a tester. This will indicate if theres a loose connection in that part of the circuit. Secondly you might have to remove the fixtures and physically check the connections. I would recommend hiring an electrician in Edmonton for this as you want to make sure the connections are tight when the fixtures are reinstalled.

Thirdly the problem may be at the switch. Sometimes the switch has a loose connection. This is an easy fix. Simply take the switch out and tighten the connection. The other problem could be a defective or broken switch. If this is the case the you'll need to have the switch replaced. Another problem with a switch could be incorrect switch with a led/cfl bulb. You want to make sure the dimmable, motion switch or timers etc. are compatible with the bulb you are using. If it is not then this can cause issues with your lights and they could flicker. Contact an electrician in Edmonton to find out if your lights are suitable with the type of switch you have.

Fourthly it could be that your bulb is shaking. This can be caused by movement on a above floor, ceiling fan or just people moving about the house. Make sure your bulb is screwed in tightly.

The fifth reason could be a loose connection in the breaker box or a defective breaker. This is usually not the case but breakers do break down and become defective over time. Call an electrician in Edmonton for all you breaker box needs and this is essential piece of equipment in your house or business and it can be dangerous for you to work on.

The sixth reason could be a defective fluorescent bulb or a bad ballast. Try replacing your fluorescent bulbs. If the problem continues then your ballast is most likely the culprit and should be replaced or upgraded to LED by a qualified electrician.

The last but not least is electrical surges in the electrical system. This can be difficult to figure out and can take some time. If you lights only flicker when appliances are on then the problem can be a electrical surge in the system. Sometimes the problem is not actually inside the house but with the service coming into the house. Fixing this issue can be quite expensive and you might have to live with it unfortunately. One way to make try to lessen the surge is to go through and make sure all the connections in the circuit is tight.

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