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Top 5 reasons of electrical fires

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Cause # 1. Faulty electrical equipment such as outlets, switches and old outdated appliances. Your old appliances might have a faulty cord. Never use an appliance cord thats worn out or frayed because it can start a fire by sending heat into combustible surfaces like floors, rugs and curtains.

Running cords under rugs is another fire hazard. The heat can build up and catch the rug on fire. Also do not remove the ground prong so it can fit into a 2 prong outlet. Appliances with the extra prong is there so they can handle the extra amount of electricity the appliance draws.

Cause # 2. Misuse of extension cords. Extension cords should only be used for temporary use. extension cords heat up and can cause a fire. Appliances and equipment which use a heavy electrical draw should be plugged right into the outlet. If you do not have sufficient outlets then hire a electrical contractor to install these for you.

Cause # 3. Light fixtures, lamps and lightbulbs. Always install a bulb thats wattage is rated for your light fixture or lamp. Installing bulbs that exceed the maximum rating of the light fixture or lamp holder is a leading cause of an electrical fire.

Old and outdated lamps and light fixtures are another reason for electrical fires. Talk to a electrical contractor to properly replace these for you.

Cause # 4. Space Heaters. Portable heaters are dangerous as some people will put them to close to combustibles. Coil space heaters are especially dangerous because the coils become so hot that they can ignite combustibles almost instantaneous. If your looking for a more long term solution for extra heat, contact an electrical contractor to give you a long term solution.

Cause # 5. Outdated wiring. If a home is over 20 years old it may not have the capacity to run modern appliances which use more power today than before. This includes appliances such as microwaves, big screen TV's, Video game consoles, air conditioners, computers and more advanced kitchen appliances.

Breakers should be triggered when theres an overload on an electrical circuit. Outdated breaker boxes can have faulty connector/breakers causing the system to overload and cause a fire.

Contact your local electrician in Edmonton for a long term solution that works for you.

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